CPM Publications: Light of Love

Light of Love is CPM's debut CD. It was recorded in 2001 in Pictou, NS, under the guiding hand of Peter Hill from CPM, and Dave Gunning from the Wee House of Music Company.

The CD is a compilation of songs written by Darrell Aikens, Dan Hendrican, Diane Hendrican, and Peter Hill. The vocal tracks were completed by Danielle & Peter, and the keyboard tracks laid by Peter. Guitar tracks were completed by both Dan & Darrell, and the drum tracks by Dan. Michelle MacDonald laid all the flute tracks, and bass tracks were completed by Dave Gunning.

Track List

The following is a list of the 12 tracks that are on Light of Love, in the order that they appear. We are pleased to provide you with sound clips (in mp3 format) from each track to give you a little sneak preview...just click on the link beside the title.

Also below are quotes from the authors of each song, as to the story behind why it was written, as well as any special meaning that it has for the author. Our purpose in doing this is simply to help you get to know each of us a little better, and hopefully allow you to catch what really is the heart of this recording...a love for the Creator of the universe and a longing to hear the heartbeat of the Father.

Spirit of Our Living God: (clip)

So many times we enter into a worship service with the garbage we've collected all week. This causes me to sometimes feel totally unworthy to sing praises to the Lord. I wrote this song as a prayer to be sung at the beginning of a worship service, asking the Lord to come and wash away all our sins so that we may worship Him in purity.

~ Darrell Aikens

Secret Hiding Place: (clip)

This was one of those songs that I just started to sing to myself as I walked alone on a trail not far from where I live. My desire has always been to have such an intimate relationship with my Creator that I can hear His heart beating, that I can see people the way He sees them. The cost of that intimacy is our own desires and dreams...but the rewards of finding such a place are far greater! We must come to a point where we can really sing, "You are my life, my everything!"

~ Peter Hill

Fountain of Life: (clip)

This song originated in trying to write a song focusing on the truths and joys of water baptism. I wanted to capture mostly those powerful fundamental things of God that are new to us in the beginning, but should always be fresh and alive to us..."I will follow you Jesus, take up my cross everyday."

~ Dan Hendrican

Light of Love: (clip)

"Light of Love" is a "near to my heart" song. This was birthed out of deep things God was working in my heart and life. It was and is my prayer...arise O God, a new day is breaking!!

~ Dan Hendrican

Love the Lord Your God: (clip)

This song came to me as I was in a little classroom in the basement of our church with light yellow paint and a Noah's ark border. I loved writing songs in there because it had great acoustics and made me sound a lot better than I am! I was reading Matthew 22:37 while studying for a Bible and Theology course and thought, "Wow -- that would make a great song!" There you have it. By the way, they have since renovated and tore my little yellow classroom out! :(

~ Darrell Aikens

I Have Chosen You: (clip)

This was the first worship song that I wrote and I believe that it will always be my favorite. This song was written simply because I always wanted to write a song and I asked the Lord to give me one. As always (so far), I wrote the music first and then applied words as they came. On both verses, I was a little stumped. But at just the right time, my friends Jimmy and Stuart came along. Little did they know they were carrying a beautiful song in their spirits.

~ Darrell Aikens

Face to Face: (clip)

This was actually one of the first songs I had ever written. It was the night before an ecology exam and I was trying to get a good night's sleep, but I just kept meditating on the concept of seeing my Savior face to face. I turned the light back on and wrote down the chorus and the verse that night. It's always been a longing in my heart to no longer see as a dim reflection, as Saint Paul puts it. When we catch a glimpse of our Savior's face, everything else just falls into perspective.

~ Peter Hill

Can It Be: (clip)

This song was written after I had gone through a tough week and I felt like I had failed God in many areas of my personal walk with Him. I was driving to the airport to pick up some youth from a conference they were at, and God just began to minister to me as I began to sing this song to Him. I really became overwhelmed with the fact that God loves me in spite of me, and that's really what the song is all about.

~ Peter Hill

Everything to You: (clip)

This song came from a time of being by myself in personal worship. I didn't realize how significantly the words would impact me later on. I sing this song whenever I need to refocus my life.

~ Diane Hendrican

Forever With My King: (clip)

I often think of how special and glorious that moment will be when I first meet Jesus, and at that moment I will be exchanging all my dreams for reality. I love singing this song, because every time I do, I feel like I am right there with Jesus entering heaven's gates. I can't wait!

~ Darrell Aikens

CUUL Kingdom: (clip)

CUUL Kingdom is one of those songs that comes to you in pictures rather than words. The song is somewhat animated to describe this Christian life as adventurous and even wondrously zany at times! See if you can figure out the acronym in the song title!

~ Dan Hendrican

A Meeting of the Songwriters: (clip)

This is the last track of the Light of Love project, and is a five minute section of a spontaneous worship time that we had with our instruments right in the recording studio. Darrell Aikens is on the guitar, Peter Hill is on the piano, and Dan Hendrican is on the drums. We have provided you with the full 5 minutes in mp3 format...we hope it blesses you as it did us!

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