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Welcome to the CPM's book store! Each title you find below is either written by someone with CPM, or is endorsed by us as a company. Click on the book title to learn more information. If you would like to contact us about having your publication endorsed by CPM and sold in our online store, please contact us with your request.

Titles by CPM Publications:

The Process of Purity
Hill, Peter (BK0801)
2008, CPM Publications
ISBN: 1-897373-54-6
The Process of Purity, eBook Edition
Hill, Peter (BK0802)
2008, CPM Publications
ISBN: 1-897373-56-2
The Process of Purity, Study Guide
Hill, Peter (BK0805)
2008, CPM Publications

Other Titles:

Come Thirsty, LG PRT
Lucado, Max (BK0702)
2004, Thomson Gale
ISBN: 1-59415-076-1
In the Grip of Grace, LG PRT
Lucado, Max (BK0703)
1996, Thomson Gale
ISBN: 1-59415-158-3
The Jesus I Never Knew &
Disaapointment With God (Combo)

Yancey, Philip (BK0803)
2007, Zondervan
ISBN: 978-0-310-60969-9
The Rebirth of Music, Revised Ed
Boschman, Lamar (BK0704)
1980, Destiny Image
ISBN: 987-0-914903-80-2
Whatever Happened to Worship?
Tozer, AW (BK0804)
1985, Wing Spread Publishers
ISBN: 1-60066-016-9
Worship Walk
Goossen, Gareth J (BK0701)
2004, makeusholy publishing
ISBN: 0-9736900-0-3
Your Money or Your Life
Corden, Russell (BK0901)
2007, Word Alive Press
ISBN: 1-897373-15-5

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