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shadow effect

At cpm-e, our heart is to equip and to encourage.

There are a few ways we can do that. The first is to come along side your worship team and offer practical training in the areas of team dynamics, the biblical aspect of worship, music in a church setting, leadership, and purity.

That doesn't mean that your worship team needs help... it means your worship team could benefit from a focused time together as a team where we can journey through some awesome principals as we strive for excellence in our personal lives, in our musical talent, and in our corporate worship. We are here to equip, to encourage, and to share some insights with your team in the amazing and very draining ministry that they are involved in.

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Shadow effect

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We are here to refresh your team and your ministry. We have worked with a variety of different backgrounds, styles, and denominations, and we are comfortable with it all! We are not out to change the way you do things, but to lift you up and to support you.

The second is to equip and encourage your church. We can come and speak with your church, bringing teaching on a variety of topics around worship, purity, and the journey of faith. 

We would love to hear from you! Check out the list of topics we offer, and let us help you build a weekend, a day, or even a service that will bring encouragement and blessing to your team and congregation.