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Here is a list of some of the topics we can offer your church or organizatrion. Click on a category to the right. Weekend seminars can be tailored to any sort of combination of topics that your church is interested in.

Please note that titles denoted with an asterix (*) are subject to the availability of particular presenters working with cpm-e.

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(W1) Worship Leading 101 - A must to begin a weekend together! Whether the leader or a team member, it is important to realize the dangerous ministry we are involved in. This session deals with the reasons for this danger, some tough questions to ask oursleves as we prepare for worship, and gives an a general overview of the distinguishing roles between the leader, the team member, and the congregeation.

(W2) The Heart of the Matter | developing the heart of a worshipper -  David was a man in search of authentic worship, and he was declared to be a man after God's own heart. This talk digs into some of the characteristics of what a heart of a true worshipper looks like. Our hearts and motives must be true on Mondays before they can be true on Sundays.

(W3) Worship | where it fits in today's church -  What's the difference between worship in a corporate setting and worship in a personal setting? Why bother with the corporate? This session deals with what exactly worship in a corporate setting looks like, and digs deeper into the roles and responsibilities of the worship team and the congregation. Blending different aspects of the corporate worship together and getting the congregation on board are also discussed.

(W4) The Sweet Spot | finding the unique sound of your church -  We as worshippers are not called to become another Chris Tomlin, Matt Maher, or Hillsongs United. We are called to use the talents given to us in the way that God has called us to. This session deals with finding the sound for your team that is uniquely yours. We need to do inventory, be willing to worship God with the talents we have, and allow for the spontaneous within our worship.

(W5) Reproducibility | setting your team up for transition - Inevitably, worship team members come and go through various life circumstances. This session looks at the importance of reproducibility within any one team. We talk about building unity within the team, how to disciple and mentor team members and upcoming members, as well as how to incorporate children into the corporate worship setting.

(W6) What's all that Racket? | a guide to productive rehearsals - This session is meant to be very interactive, and often works best as an afternoon session. Looks at how to keep rehearsal productive and most beneficial to the team. There is also room here to have an actual rehearsal, discuss transitioning between songs, and even learn some new material.

(W7) Relevant Worship | a journey through the old testament - An academic session on the role of worship within the pages of the Old Testament. In order to go somewhere, it's important to look behind and see where you have come. An understanding of the role worship played in the Old Testament can be used as a background for today's perspective on worship.

(W8) Worship & the Prophetic | what's the deal? - Does the prophetic have a role in today's church? This session looks at the role worship plays in prophecy. We look closely at the prophetic song and it's place in the church, and also touch on spontaneous song in both some spiritual and practical applications.

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