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Get the upper edge on your diploma with cpm-e! 

We are pleased to once again be offering a diploma prep courses in Math 30-1 & Math 30-2 this semester. Our prep course gets great feedback from students who have taken it.

In our 14 hour weekend course, we take you step by step through the entire curriculum. We will emphasize what you need to know to have the best success and focus on test writing skills and strategies. There will also be time for questions, independent work and collaboration with peers. The more ways you are able to look at the material, the greater success you will have when you go to write your diploma.

We have two teachers for Math 30 who together bring a combined total of over 25 years of experience to you! Both have worked within the Calgary public system. They teach/tutor 30-1 & 30-2 on a regular basis and have written diploma items and worked on validations & marking with Alberta Education. They both know the curriculum and the diploma layout well. 

We get great feedback from students about his diploma prep course. You won’t be disappointed!

So, why come with us? We keep each course we run limited to a small number of participants, depending on the venue. This way the numbers still stay small enough that students feel ok to ask questions and don't feel lost in the shuffle. Our goal is to decrease stress levels, not increase them!

Not only do we keep the group small, students also receive a review package that is theirs to take home. The package includes all the notes and examples we do together on the weekend, as well as extra practice on each topic that students can try themselves.

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