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Here is a list of some of the topics we can offer your church or organization. Click on a category to the right. Weekend seminars can be tailored to any sort of combination of topics that your church is interested in.

Please note that titles denoted with an asterix (*) are subject to the availability of particular presenters working with cpm-e.

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(T1) Keyboarding 101 - Looks at some basic chording rules, playing by ear, incorporating written music with chord accompaniment, and some practical thoughts on sound pads and other technology.

(T2) Guitar 101* - For both lead and rhythm guitar players - looks at practical issues of playing within a band setting, understanding your role, chording, playing by ear, and incorporating technology.

(T3) Did you Hear That? | becoming friends with your sound system* - Good sound is key to any worship ministry, and is more than playing around with buttons. This session looks at how to get the most out of the sound system you have, and gives soundmen some practical ideas for stage set up and equalization.

(T4) Song Writing I | putting pen to paper - Some practical thoughts on the make up of songs, how to pick a proper topic, how to figure out what God is saying to His church. Also deals with structure and things to watch for when actually writing out words.

(T7) Making a Recording | the do's and dont's of a making a CD - Many are gifted with the ability to write songs, and many have the desire to put these songs into a recording, be it for their church body or for a greater area. This sessions deals with some practical thoughts on establishing your vision, getting to the studio, budgeting, setting up your track list, mixing, master, artwork, and general timelines.

(T5) Song Writing II | the theory behind the music - Very practical look at chording, what to try musically and what not to try...how to build a song from a tune in your head to chords on paper. This is a great session for the song writer trying to find his next note or for the musician looking to play by ear.

(T6) Beyond PowerPoint | using multimedia to compliment authentic worship - Looks at how to incorporate multimedia into the regular worship routine. Gives a brief overview of some of the programs and websites that are out there, and gives tips on how to make the most out of your multi-media experience.

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