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  • not approved for student use on 30-1 & 30-2 Alberta diploma exams

  • approved by College Board of AP for their AP Calculus Exam

  • high-resolution colour display with over 65,000 colours with 8 lines by 21 characters, size 3.25” diagonal

  • high-definition 3D Graph provides visual support for mathematical exploration.

  • picture plot technology, up to 140 hours of battery life

  • easy to use icon menu & G-Solv technology

  • pre-installed geometry add in, financial functions, and so much more

  • pre-installed dynamic geometry software that animates functions

  • USB plug in adapter included

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We believe CASIO offers a superior product when it comes to the design and ease of their operating system and their value for your money. Remember that you have a choice – Alberta Education allows the 9750GIII models into diploma exams.

CASIO models are so user friendly, you don’t need your teacher’s help with it – the steps are intuitive and straight forward… you will be teaching your teacher in no time!

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| fx-300ms, 2nd edition |


  • We have you covered for Math 31 and other courses that do not allow graphing calcualtors with this model!

  • Scientific calculator with 240 build in functions.

  • Solar and battery backup

  • Statistics (2 variable) with regression features

  • 2-Line display 10+2 Digits

  • Multi-replay function reduces keystrokes on repetitive calculations

  • Statistics (2 variable) with regression analysis feature

| fx-9750 GIII |


The next generation in graphing calculators! This is the model of choice for students in Alberta. It out performs its competitor, and is less expensive. It's a win win!

  • approved for diploma exams

  • High-resolution LCD display

  • 3MB Flash Memory

  • CPU Capacity 4 times faster as competitor

  • Icon-based menu offers intuitive usability

  • Natural Textbook Display shows fractions

  • Spreadsheet functionality

  • USB connectivity for file sharing

  • Quick Pie Charts & Bar Graphs

  • Built-in Conic Equations

  • AP Statistics Features

  • Random Number Generation

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