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The more resources available to a person, the better! The following are some internet links to math resources that you might find helpful. Please remember, though, they are just suggestions... cpm-e does not endorse them and is not responsible for their content.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
Lots of articles, applications, and computer programs to help students of all ages.

Math 30-1 Explained
Excellent resource, notes, and practice for pre-calculus.

Math 10C Explained
From the maker of Math 30-1 Explained and Pure Math 30 Explained. Great resource as you transition into senior high math.

Math 10C Pearson Textbook
A link to the online version of the textbook most schools use.
Sometimes success first comes by watching it being done - the Khan Academy has great free videos on lots of subjects... a great resource when you are stuck on something!

Alberta Program of Studies
Access to curriculum guides from the province of Alberta

Alberta Education: Released Items (senior - diploma)
A must review as you are preparing for your exams - all subjects listed!

Alberta Education: Released Items (junior)
No matter the grade or the subject, find old PATs and their answer keys here. This is a great way to prepare yourself for an upcoming exam. You can print them off or do them online.

Junior High Math Interactives
A great site put out by Alberta Learn - a must see for those of you preparing for PAT's

Jim Reed's Math Tutorials
The site is based out of the Edmonton Public School Board... it's a little messy but tons of great links and info.

Math TV
Another great video resource on a variety of topics.

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