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Shadow effect

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Just because someone says they love their job doesn't mean they are good at it. So, instead of hearing from us, maybe you want to check in with someone else and see what they have to say.

Each year we ask families to fill out a short survey about their experience with cpm-e with respect to math tutroing and piano teaching.

Families are asked to rate us on a 5 point scale, with 5 being the highest. 

  • sessions started & ended on time
  • rapport between student & teacher
  • expectations of the teacher on the student
  • communication response time of the teacher
  • overall pace the teacher moved at
  • overall cost value of sessions


Below are some thoughts from parents, present and past, about their experience with cpm-e, specifically related to math tutoring. If you would like to get in touch with current parents for reference purposes, we have several willing to share with you. You can request reference contacts through email.

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The way you teach the math skills to both [our sons] is simply amazing. [One] is the top of his class, and [the other] went from the resource room to grade level in the last few months. Thank You!

C Yeo


Peter is an awesome tutor! Very knowledgeable and supporting for the student. Always accommodating.

T Jenkins


Peter breaks down mathematical concepts in a way that makes sense and supports you to confidently complete assignments and take tests! Thanks so much for all your help!

C Nielsen


Thank you for doing such a great job! I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a math tutor.

J Tillman


Your support, encouragement, and expertise helped our daughter get through all math cirriculum she faced through high school. Thanks!

S Windsor


We are very satisfied... our son now enjoys doing math!

A Thukral


You have been a great help getting through math... you have been so encouraging giving [my daughter] the cofidence that she can do math. Thank you!

~K Lawerence


I feel you teach me better than my teachers!

C MacDonald 


 You were welcoming and caring, and you really pushed me to my best.

You helped me so much, thank you!

K Mackie

My daughter has really enjoyed your tutroing

and the lessons have helped her raise her marks 15% over last year.

M Bredin

Will highly recommend you to any students that need help.
E Ewart
Our daughter [attended] sessions... four years. As a result, she is an A student in mathematics. She could not have accomplished this without his ongoing support and ability to recognize her strengths and weaknesses.... we drive a very long distance to ensure we are able to secure a very knowledgeable and talented teacher...he is intuitive in understanding our daughter’s needs. His interpersonal skills and very genuine personality are very much appreciated. 
C Roman